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Mare of Dreams by AutumnMiracles Mare of Dreams by AutumnMiracles
(EDIT: its supposed to be transpareeennnttt ;A; )

Finally decided a design for Amethysts cutie mark :D
(and like always, created a back story too :XD:)

Hope ya like! :)

Amethyst was laying in her bedroom, sleeping and having another one of her nightmares. She was floating in the middle of a wild ocean, fighting the water and trying to reach somepony. "Help! Amy, help me!" she heard a colt scream, "Perri! I'm coming!" she yelled, using her wings as fins and propelling herself forward. The waves pushed her up higher than the other waves, and she could get a look of her surroundings. She saw a small hoof thrashing in the wild water, trying to keep their head up. Amy launched herself towards her little brother again, desperately trying to reach him and save him. She watched as he slowly went under in horror, then she held her breath and dived underwater, looking around frantically for him. She saw bubbles slowly floating up to the surface and a tiny body slowly float down into the dark bottom, Amy opened her wings fully and pushed herself down, not giving up. But soon, she couldn't even see her beloved little brother, and she was out of air, she floated there, panicking and trying to figure out what to do. But then she had no more air, and her mouth opened, desperately needing air, but instead sucking water into her lungs. Her body slowly turned to the surface, and she watched the moon shimmer onto the waves, as her vision slowly faded to black. Before her eyes shut, she saw a flash come from the moon, and a pony dive into the water. Her body was limp as the mysterious figure pulled her out of the water, and onto land.

Amy coughed all the water from her lungs and breathed in deeply, before she stood back up and turned around, about to make her way back into the water after her brother, before she was stopped by an indigo hoof. Amy looked over to who the leg belonged to, and gasped in surprise. "P-princess Luna?!" she exclaimed, backing up slightly. "Calm down, Amethyst. I wish to speak with you. T'is of great importance that you listen." the moon princess said calmly, unaffected by Amy's reaction. "Y-yes, of course your majesty, but I have to save my brother! H-he was out there in the middle of the ocean, and he went under, and I did too, and I tried to save him... but I couldn't! I-... I... " Amy said, panicking again and about to launch herself into the surprisingly calmer ocean, that used to be wild and terrifying.

"Amethyst, listen to me, you are dreaming. This is just a dream. I am here to help you." Princess Luna said, putting a hoof on her shoulder.

"I'm... dreaming?" Amy said, tilting her head and calming down slightly.

"Indeed you are. A nightmare to be exact." the princess said with a frown, "But that is why I am here, to help you with your nightmare."

"But... aren't you supposed to be in Canterlot?" Amy said, confused.

"I am the Princess of the Night, thus it is my duty to come into your dreams." Princess Luna said with a smile.

Amy looked down at her hooves nervously, "Oh..." she said, embarrassed from asking so many questions. "I-i'm sorry..."

"Do not apologize for having a nightmare. Everypony has fears, and everypony must face them in their own way. But your nightmare is a different one. Your nightmares are filled of haunted memories, instead of fears of what may happen. And I am here to help you." the princess said, standing next to Amy and wrapping a wing over her, leading her away from the shore.

"Unless you can go back in the past, I don't think you can help me..." Amy said, walking obediently next to the princess and her head drooping, her long mane covering her face.

The princess sighed sadly, frowning. "Amethyst... believe me, I know what it feels like to lose a sibling. But you mustn't blame yourself for what happened. It was out of your control. You tried your best, and you were willing to risk your own life for him, but it wasn't your fault." Princess Luna said, noticing that she had started crying and pulling her closer to comfort her.

"I could have saved him... it was all my fault... I was the one who wanted to go to the beach that day, it was me who wanted to take him out farther... it was all me..." she said, tears rolling down her cheeks and her body shaking.

The two had talked during the whole night, listening to each others stories, and they both cried together, which Amy was surprised to watch. She always thought of the Moon Princess as the tough one, the one who never cried, when in reality, she was in pain also. Princess Luna had forgiven Princess Celestia, but Luna had still felt guilty for all the things she had done. Eventually, Luna had to leave so she could lower the moon for her sister, and Amy had to get up so she could get the fillies up for school.

Each night, Luna came into Amethysts dreams so they could talk, until Amy wasn't having her nightmares anymore. Luna would share Amy's adventures as she slept, and Luna had eventually let go of her past, along with Amy also.

Until one night, Luna had come into Amy's dream, a faint smile upon her lips. "Amy, come flying with me, I want to tell you something." Luna said, spreading open her wings and taking off into the sky. Amy did the same, since she figured how she was able to fly in her dreams, Amy went up next to the Princess and looked at her. "What is it Luna? Is something wrong?" Amy said, concerned.

Luna chuckled and shook her head, "No, Amy, nothing is wrong." Luna said, the faint smile still on her lips.

"Then what is it?" she said, tilting her head.

"Amy... I want to ask you something, and your answer is very important to me. I have spoken to my sister about it, and she is absolutely fine with it." Luna said, her voice lighthearted but serious.

"Yeah?..." Amy said, "What do you need to ask me? You can ask me anything, Luna." she said, becoming slightly nervous.

"Amethyst... would you like to be my partner, helping me watch over the dreams of all the ponies of Equestria?" Luna said, making direct eye-contact with Amy, completely serious.

"Wh-what?" Amy said, shocked that the Moon Princess would ask her a question like that.

"I know it must be alot to ask, but I feel that you are meant to help me. Watching over dreams can be overwhelming at times, and i'm not always able to do it. But you can help me. I've taken you into another pony's dream before, and you were easily able to manipulate it, even without me helping or teaching you how." Luna said, smiling. "It's time to fulfill your destiny, Amy."

"My... destiny?... " Amy said, still gliding in the sky next to Luna.

"Yes... your destiny. Each pony has a destiny... and this is yours." Luna smiled.

"But... i'm not immortal... and what will my friends say if I just all of a sudden become an alicorn? What would my daughter say?... " Amy said, thinking about her adopted daughter, Grave Rose, and her room-mate and her filly, Derpy and Dinky.

"Amy, you don't need to be an alicorn to be immortal, you can stay a pegasus." Luna said, landing on a soft cloud and motioning for Amy to sit next to her. "And you can also stay with your room mate, if you want."

Amy took in a deep breath and sighed, then she looked over to Luna and looked her straight in the eye. "Luna... I accept your partnership." she said after a few moments of silence.

Luna stood up and smiled. "I knew you would say yes. Now, i'm going to transfer some of my power into you, it wont affect me at all, but it will make you immortal and able to enter dreams without my aid." Luna said, preparing a spell.

"Ok... wait... you're going to what?!" Amy said before she was cut off by Princess Luna's spell. Amy levitated in the air, and her eyes turned pure white. Her wings opened out to her sides and her entire body became surrounded by a white light. Next to her, Luna's eyes were glowing white with energy as she gave Amy her immortality and her ability to enter dreams. When the spell was over, Amy collapsed on the cloud and groaned, she looked up at Princess Luna, who was panting.

"Whew! That was tougher than I thought." Princess Luna looked her over and her eyes locked onto an area on Amy. A wide grin appeared of her face.

"What? What is it?" Amy said, confused.

"Guess who just got their cutie mark~!" Luna said, giggling and lifting Amy to her hooves, pointing her hoof at her flank, which showed a new marking.

Amy froze in place, completely silent for a few seconds, then she looked over to Luna and her look of shock slowly turned into a look of pure joy. They both started squealing and giggling like little school fillies and they both hugged each other tightly. When they were done with their fit, Luna chuckled and smiled.

"Come to Canterlot, i'll have a ride waiting for you at noon. You can bring your fillies and your room-mate with you to explain to them your new transformation." Luna said, opening her wings and prepared herself to launch into the sky. "I have to lower the moon now."

Amy couldn't stop grinning, she nodded and backed up slightly, preparing herself to wake up.

"I'll see you then, partner." Amy said with a smile.

"I'll see you, Mare of Dreams." Luna said with a smile, before disappearing and the scene fading to black.

Amy quickly sat up in her bed, woken up from her dream and seeing the sun up, she smiled, then she looked under the covers at her new cutie mark; a mare sleeping under a crescent moon.

"Hmmm, 'Mare of Dreams'... I kinda like the sound of that... " Amy said to herself, then she got out of bed to wake up both the unicorn fillies for school.


All Scenes:
Sinking to the Black: [link]
Dark Pasts: [link]
Destinies Intertwined: [link]
other scenes coming soon!

Amethyst, Grave Rose and art belong to :iconautumnmiracles:
Princess Luna, Derpy Hooves, Dinky Doo, and Equestria belong to Lauren Faust & Hasbro

the story took longer to type than the picture itself did X.X
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DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
Cute. :D
AutumnMiracles Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
did you read the description? :XD:
you usually dont. :XD:
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013

I waz referin' to ze picky. :meow:
AutumnMiracles Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i worked my flank off to type all that! :XD: it took me longer than the pic did! :XD:
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
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Done, interesting story too. :meow:
AutumnMiracles Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :XD: im probably gonna illustrate some of the scenes from it too :3
got acouple sketched on paper already :XD:
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
NP. :D

Cool. :XD:
AutumnMiracles Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol, princess luna is best princess :XD:
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